onsdag 18 januari 2012

Banished is online

So hey, a couple of weeks back I was approached by the author of banishedonline.com who asked me if I wanted to work on his webcomic, Banished. I immediately grew quite fond of it so I decided to accept. Hopefully this will lit up a spark for me to work on my own stuff in the near future.

This is the inks for the first page that I helped with. The finished one went online two days back, so I figured it was high time to give this a shout out. The comic is a collaboration between three dudes and my part is to sketch out and ink the pages, working from Ryan's scripts and rough storyboards. Already looking forward to doing more work on this! I'll be sure to share more samples and tease panels in the future as I continue to pimp this comic.

1 kommentar:

  1. Yes! Alexander-tecknade serier! :D Det ser skitbra ut!

    Hoppas det här får dig att jobba på egna prylar; jag (och min mamma :P) har känt ett ganska akut behov av det ända sedan jag flyttade hem från Gävle.