torsdag 9 februari 2012

This piece is my part of an art trade with sweetappletea on tumblr. The characters are Vince and Betty from her webcomic Drop Dead Vince. Much fun with this one!

The rest is just the usual stuff. Some gay'ly dressed Sune and Sunil after spending major part of the night listening to The Ark. Also a Killer Croc after watching the latest trailer for the new Spiderman movie.

1 kommentar:

  1. Men uppdatera blog-fan nån jävla gång! I don't pay you to sit on your ass painting windows!

    Informationen om huruvida jag betalar dig över huvud taget eller ej är inte relevant just nu. Either way, I'm starving for gay sharks and fabulus Lizard-people!!! D: